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Imagine a terrible situation for every modern person: your cell phone has been stolen. In today's world, unfortunately, this can not be insured, and as a rule, everyone had to face this trouble in a certain period. Next, we will talk about how to act and what to do if you have stolen a mobile phone. At the same time, we will not concern ourselves with precautions for using the phone in crowded places, list preventive measures, and consider ways to protect against theft. Instead, a step-by-step instruction of your actions will be provided, because everyone can become a victim of thieves.
The first step: drafting and filing an application with law enforcement agencies
Having discovered that your phone is missing, you must immediately go to the nearest police station. Do not delay meeting with law enforcement agencies, in this case time is not your ally. 90% of crimes are disclosed directly on the "hot trail", in this regard, it is very important in time to apply with the appropriate application. No less important detail: you need to contact the police not at the place of residence, but at the crime scene - this will save time. In addition, this will increase the likelihood of a successful finding of your property.
An example from practice: in an area far from your residence, an unknown subject snatched your bag from the phone, then fled in an unknown direction. Immediately you turned for help to the police department (the one to which pedestrians will point you). There you find a policeman sitting at the workplace. And he knows the habits of the local criminal world. After accepting the application, he will go with you to the local commission or pawnshop, where he finds a thief, who recently robbed you. This is the most common situation.
The second step: formulating an application
In the application it is necessary to describe all details of the perfect theft, including the most insignificant ones. We must understand that the success of the search actions of law enforcement agencies largely depends on the objectivity and detail of your application.
A little advice: always use the expression "stolen" in your application. In the event that, on the advice of someone from the police, you write "disappeared under unclear circumstances," they may not eventually bring a criminal case.
The third step: be interested in advancing the investigation
When leaving the police station, be sure to specify the registration number of your application. This information will allow you to find out in the future the name of the police officer directly involved in the disclosure of the crime, his working phone number. In the future, you have every right to contact him during working hours and inquire about the details of the investigation. Do not forget, if your phone is connected to a special service Spy Phone and after theft received any data from it (phone calls, outgoing or incoming sms messages, location data), be sure to inform the police about them. This will greatly contribute to the search activities carried out by the police.As you can see, the most important thing in your actions is systematic. Remember these steps and follow them when an unpleasant situation occurs, such as stealing your phone.
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