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An efficient tax planning is the ultimate goal of any taxpayer in the country. Today, an average taxpayer is facing a dent in his financial capital since he lacks proper exposure to an efficient tax management. And there are plenty of reasons contributing to this deprivation, the foremost being the reluctance to try things on his own. 
Surprisingly, it was found in a research at MySIPonline that efficient tax management can be accomplished by anybody by investing in Reliance Tax Saver Fund. This super ELSS scheme is the medicine that all the taxpayers have been asking for their ailing tax bills. 
So, how this fund will help you gain tax advantage? What it takes to become a stakeholder in this fund? And above all, will all that be worth in the end? 
The answers are right here. 

Understanding Reliance Tax Saver Fund (G) – The Background Revelation 
There are different types of mutual fund categories. Though the subdivisions are plenty, there are two broad divisions, namely equity and debt. Equity contains a wider scope of options in comparison to debt, and hence caters to the needs of a wider audience. 
Amongst various subdivisions of equity, ELSS plans are specifically designed for tax management. Reliance Tax Saver Fund Growth is one such top performing ELSS plan that has been constructed to provide its investors a one-stop solution for high returns and tax reduction. Operating since September 2005, Reliance Tax Saver has established itself as one of the most promising brands in tax savings. 

Peeping into the Scoreboard – What the Past Has to Say?
When we are talking about mutual fund investing, especially tax saving, there ought to be a fund which can not only take care of the taxes but can also compensate for the money blocked in it. In other words, people desire funds that are good at tax saving but even better at producing returns. 
Reliance Tax Saver Fund – Regular Plan (G) is the brainchild of the fund managers of one of the most influential fund houses in India, Reliance Mutual Fund. Hence, there’s no doubt that the construction and investment strategy of Reliance Tax Saver is top notch. To clarify further, a chart has been included below that testifies why this fund stays in the limelight whenever a discussion on tax saving breaks the ice:

The data above shows a tremendous range of returns that Reliance Tax Saver Fund has achieved. Beginning with a pothole of -21.32% returns, the fund skyrocketed to a mighty figure of 16.48% returns in the time span of 5 years. Plus, it has also left behind the performance achieved by the benchmark S&P BSE 100 TRI and the category average. 

The Final Word – Why and How You Should Invest in Reliance Tax Saver Fund (G)? 

  • Tax saving up to Rs. 46, 750 by the virtue of Section 80C of the Income Tax Act, 1961
  • Sound tax planning without having to hire a fancy tax lawyer
  • Higher returns than other tax saving options under section 80C by the virtue of Reliance Tax Saver Fund being an equity-oriented fund
  • Timely rebalancing of the fund by the fund managers which promotes better growth in lesser time period


Investing in Reliance Tax Saver Fund – Regular Plan (Growth) is quite easy and simple. All you need to do is log on to MySIPonline, create your free user account, and add the fund to your cart. And, there you go! Welcome aboard to happy investing!

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