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Kotak Mutual Fund online is one of the leading mutual fund players in India. The primary concern of the AMC is to focus on the hard-earned money of investors to generate risk-mitigated returns over a time period. Incorporated in 1990, it has been a trustworthy fund house in accomplishing the goals of investors. The AMC has partnered with MySIPonline to increase the reach of various mutual funds for the investors. Here are all the points suggesting that investment in this AMC through this independent mutual fund distributor platform is the right choice. 

Investor Specific Portfolio Suggestion
Every investor has different sorts of goals to accomplish in different risk frames and time horizon. Our focus is on the investment goal of a particular investor rather than providing any promotional scheme-specific advice because one scheme cannot be sufficient to fulfil the objectives of all the investors.

To invest in Kotak Mahindra Mutual Funds, we help the investors in analysing their risk-appetite, expected returns, time horizon, and rate of returns. When we get sufficient information to suggest any scheme for the portfolio of the investor, we do an independent analysis and then come to the conclusion of suggesting any scheme. 

Independent Choice to Invest
Our suggestions are not based on any particular AMC. As we provide a roof to 22 AMCs under the online platform, where investors have an independent choice to take an investment decision. Although we are always ready to help the investors in suggesting the best scheme for their portfolio, even after that the investment decision is their own. 

Guaranteed Services 
The bond between MySIPonline and Kotak MF is strong and transparent. We provide the same trust and guaranteed services which are ensured by the AMC. Broadening the investor's network, no doubt it is one of the most reliable mutual fund distributor platforms in India. Being clear to terms and conditions, we follow professional conduct and ready to help the investors in solving the problems faced by them while investing in mutual fund. 

Independent Choice to Move Among Schemes
Kotak Mutual Fund online provides a range of schemes to access through our portal. So, the investors have the choice to move among various schemes and invest where they feel comfortable without any interruption. If they are confused between two schemes, they can contact our experts and get the solutions as well. Apart from this, the top recommended list is also helpful to get a quick idea regarding the best performing schemes for recent times. The investors can ask their doubts regarding any scheme and explore more information by analysing past performance, risk measures, fund manager, and portfolio construction available at our website. 

Free Calculation Tools
There are SIP calculator, reverse SIP calculator, and tax calculator tools to help the investors to get quick answers without getting involved in complex calculations. By using this tool, they can save maximum taxes, plan SIP investment and calculate expected returns as well to invest accordingly in Kotak Mutual Fund. 

So, we, at MySIPonlione, along with Kotak AMC provides various mutual fund services to help the investors in choosing the most suitable scheme for their portfolio. Still, if you are confused somewhere and want experts’ guidance, you can mention your problem here in the link below to get the answers as early as possible.  

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