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Children in underdeveloped countries face so many challenges in order to examine the education. In some areas students do not have schools to go, while in some schools there are some teachers who needed training in order to assists the children in order to learn in an effectual way like assignment writing service. Raising access to the learners for the education could enhance the entire condition of the whole society, it also improves the financial conditions of a country, and sometimes it changes and alters the overall atmosphere. Till now there are so many developing nations, students are being appraised by the teachers could be restricted by so many other elements.

1. Lackness in Financing

Many developing nations could not depend wholly on their self-resources of finance for the education purpose. There is also a requirement for more foreign assistance.

About fewer than twenty percent of the assistance for the education raises to the lower revenue generating nations, as per the Global Partnership for the Education. However, due to it the cost raised at a mean of $1.25 per day on a single student in those countries which are struggling to develop in order to offer 13 years of education.

If every developing nation makes investments of just fifteen cents greater on a single student, it might generate all the difference. There is at present a loop hole of about thirty nine billion dollars is present for the purpose to offer top quality education to the children by year 2030. GPE motivates those countries who are considered as developing to add twenty percent of their national overall financial budget for the purpose of education, and distribute about forty five percent of the allocated total budgets for the purpose of primary education.

2. Have no teachers, or have unqualified or untrained teachers

The student learning is mainly depending upon the capabilities of the teacher. It has been observed that there is an unavailability of qualified teachers for the purpose of providing top quality education to the students. In consequences of this they are not getting proper education. There are about one hundred and thirty million children who attend schools but they are not able to read write and perform mathematical computations.   

3. No Class Rooms

It has been observed that in many nations there is unavailability of the classrooms. The students are required to sit on the floor and take classes under the sky. They have to bear the scorching sunlight and heat or in rain and winter they also have to suffer. Due to these conditions they are not be able to concentrate fully on their studies. Moreover, schools are not having toilets because of it the students feel uncomfortable and suffer from pain because of unavailability of toilets in schools. Because of it they can’t keep focus on their studies and won’t be able to learn their lesson in such classrooms.

4. Far Distances in between Home and Schools

It has been observed that the schools are located in far areas from the residential areas. The students are required to travel for long distances to reach school. Due to it they feel tired when during lectures and can’t concentrate on their education.

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