by on May 30, 2019

Moto gets residents cross

Residents golden goose sneakers of Pretty Gully are urging the Tenterfield Shire Council to withdraw its approval of dirt-bike moto-cross track in the area.

Christine Baker says the development will be 200 metres from her front door.

She says her quality of life will be ruined if the proposal goes ahead.

"This is not why we bought into the bush, we went there for peace and tranquillity and all the beauty the bush has to offer, not to listen to motorbikes seven days a week," Ms Baker said.

"People up there in little ivory towers in Tenterfield Shire don't hear this noise, they have got no idea of just what an impact it's having on us residents," he said.

The Tenterfield Shire's general manager, Don Ramsland says the council will not be commenting on the issue, but will hold a public meeting later in the month.

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