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An opportunist never leaves an opportunity for fulfilling his goal. For such individuals, market downtrend is also seen as an opportunity. Shocked? Well, you shouldn’t, as they get to buy more units at lesser NAVs during bullish market. Want to be an opportunist in the MF industry? Start investing in HDFC Balanced Advantage Fund as soon as possible. The fund was formed due to the merger of HDFC Prudence and HDFC Growth. During the passage of time, the fund has proved many times that it can be considered as the best mutual fund investment in India. To know more information about the scheme, give a read to the write-up.

HDFC Balanced Advantage Fund: Factsheet

HDFC Balanced Advantage Fund falls under the category of hybrid fund and follows dynamic allocation strategy to provide risk-adjusted returns to the investors. Launched on 1st February, 1994 the fund has performed exceptionally well over the past years. As on 31st March, 2019 the AUM and expense ratio of the balanced advantage fund of HDFC is Rs. 42,592 Crore and 1.78%, respectively. For participating in this mutual fund, an investor has to deposit a minimum Lump Sum investment of Rs. 5,000, and Rs. 500 if he is investing through SIP mode of investment. Moreover, if an investor makes a redemption from the scheme within 365 days then the exit load of 1% will be charged for the units in excess of 1%.

How HDFC Balanced Advantage Fund Is the Best SIP Plan During Market Volatility?

The credit behind making the HDFC Balanced Advantage Fund (HDFC Prudence + HDFC Growth) as the best mutual fund investment is its investment philosophy. The fund follows dynamic allocation strategy by which it dynamically changes the asset allocation in different asset classes on the basis of market conditions. For instance, when the market valuations are high, the fund will diversify more assets in the debt instruments for stable growth, and when the market follows a bearish trend, the fund manager will buy more number of equities for achieving high growth in the future market. Thus, no matter if the market is up or down, an investor will always make profit.

Why to Invest in HDFC Balanced Advantage Fund?

  • Strong Investment Style : Investment style followed by Mr. Prashant Jain in case of equity and debt instruments has played a vital role in the outperformance of the fund. In the equity market, the fund invests in a combination of growth and value stocks of predominantly large cap companies for achieving stable returns. Furthermore, in the debt market, the fund invests in the securities having high credit quality with medium interest rate sensitivity.
  • Choice of Sectors : HDFC Balanced Advantage Fund scores a point over other funds on the basis of sector allocation. Mr. Jain has parked the investors’ money in the large number of promising sectors with Financial sector holding the highest percentage followed by other sectors like, energy, technology, construction, chemicals, etc.
  • Experienced Fund Manager: Mr. Prashant Jain has very well used his wide experience in implementing the best investment strategy for providing superior returns to the investors. He holds a B.Tech degree and a diploma in PGDM and CFA.    

Reading so far, you have realized that HDFC Balanced Advantage Fund which was a merger of HDFC Prudence and HDFC Growth is the best SIP investment that can help you in riding out market volatility. Thus, start your mutual fund investment in this scheme of HDFC Mutual Fund as early as possible. Although, all the vital information about the fund has been demonstrated in this write-up but if you want to acquire any other information then access it on our website MySIPonline or give a call to our experts at 9660032889.


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