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Recently, Mac users reported having some issues while using Outlook on their system. At the time of sending a mail, they are getting an error code 3253 with the error message that says connection to the server has failed or dropped. This error can’t let the Mac outlook users send emails, whereas they can still receive emails. The sending mails directly go to the outgoing box and they stay there with error code 3253 and forever pending status. However, if you wish to eliminate this nasty error on your own, then we suggest you to make a call at Outlook Support Phone Number. The available experts will provide you the on time resolutions to conquer this error.

The more frustrating fact is that, this error can turn up at any time without giving you any prior warning. An error like these can straightforwardly create a problem in your email communication. Here, we are going to discuss some fixes that you can apply to solve outlook error code 3253 on your Mac.


The cause for Outlook Mac error code 3253

Before proceedings the steps to solve the error code 3253, look at the responsible factors by which this error takes place. It generally occurs while having a failed connection to the server which generates some issues for you at the time of sending emails.

  • One possible reason for this error can be the huge number of sent emails at the same time.
  • The inaccurate setup of outlook account can also cause this error.
  • The damaged or corrupted outlook for Mac can also create majority of issues in this matter.

No matter what is the reason behind the outlook error code 3253 that you are facing, simply follow the below mentioned steps very carefully to eliminate this error.

Look at the solution to eliminate outlook Mac error code 3253:

  • Click on the spotlight search glass at the top right corner of the screen and type terminal to open the terminal app on your Mac.
  • Enter defaults delete command in the terminal to delete your old or previous outlook preferences.
  • Type killall cfprefsd in the terminal to kill all the cached preferences.
  • After doing all this, at last you need to launch the outlook
  • Now, try sending a mail from your outlook to check whether outlook is working fine or not.

Outlook is no doubt a highly used email platform and is presented for various operating systems. Several users open and read their emails on Outlook for Mac. The professionals’ team is also there to solve the problems of outlook users. So, whenever you face outlook error code 3253, then feel free to try out the above mentioned method to resolve this error. Additionally, if you have another issue, then take Outlook Support from the experienced professionals to eliminate you problems. You can put a call on toll-free number to make connection with them.  

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