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If you send or receive a huge of emails on daily basis, then Outlook mailbox grows bigger. In fact, nowadays Microsoft Outlook is extensively used in numerous organizations as an email client. Also, as you all know, when your mailbox size is larger then even opening and searching functions take longer. So, Outlook provides an alternative to move your old items by creating an archive file, a separate Outlook .PST file to handle your entire data. You can also do that by making a call at Outlook Support Number and taking assistance from ingenious experts. They will provide you the easiest way to merge archive files with a new PST file.


Furthermore, we are also going to explain ways by which you can easily combine the multiple archive PST files to one PST file. First of all, you must have knowledge that why it is required to combine various PST files into one. In order to manage data of several archives PST, you must need to place them into one file. So, read the below points and gain the extensive knowledge about the solutions.

First of all, you need to locate where all the archive PST files are saved in the different windows versions. If you don’t know where to find your PST files, then simple dial Outlook Support Phone Number and take guidance from professionals. After that you can perform the merging or combine of two PST files.


Why do we need to combine archive files with another PST file?

People often create various PST files in outlook to keep their data safe continuously. It is very complicated to manage several outlook data files. But merging these multiple PST files into one is a better way to handle numerous Outlook data such as:

  • Avoid accidental file deletion or data loss
  • Save time by prevent opening each file continually
  • Avoid sharing of numerous files one after the other
  • Handle and access several Outlook accounts files in one place

Methods to Merge Several Archive PST Files to Other PST

There are two simple techniques by which you can combine archive files with a new PST file in Outlook.

  • Merge archive into a new Outlook PST file
  • By using import/export option you can combine archive files with another PST file easily.

Now, it must be clean and clear to you that how one can easily merge numerous archives PST files with another PST file. Though this procedure is available freely, it is also quite difficult and lengthy. You must have some technical knowledge to perform this procedure. You can contact Microsoft Outlook Support professionals for this, as it involves the creation and deletion of Outlook data files. So, this could be puzzling for novice users to implement easily.

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