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Recently, lots of Mac users encountered having problems while using Outlook on their Mac computers. Whenever users try to send a mail in outlook, they constantly get an Error code 3253 with the error message that says “Connection to the Server failed suddenly or was dropped.” As per the Microsoft Outlook Support team associates, this Error prevents Mac Outlook users from sending emails. But, they can still receive emails in outlook.

Right after hitting the send button, the emails goes to the outgoing box and instead of send it stays there forever with a pending status and the error code 3253. Moreover, the even more frustrating fact is that, this error crops up without a prior warning. That leaves you clueless regarding the reasons such as why this error happen and how you can solve it.

After doing a little research, we found a simplest method that fixes Outlook error code 3253 on your Mac successfully. Here, you can find the steps for performing this method easily.

Causes For Outlook Mac Error Code 3253 occurrence are:

Before proceeding with the steps for resolving the problem have a look at the responsible factors that causes the 3253 error.

  • It usually takes place when the connection is failed to the server.
  • Having a large number of sent emails might be one possible cause why the error 3253 happens.
  • Inaccurate setup of outlook account on the client’s computer is also the reason of this error.
  • Damaged or corrupted outlook for Mac is most likely happens in the majority of cases.

No matter, what’s the reason for your Outlook 3253 error is, it can be easily resolved by following the below mentioned steps carefully.

In order to get rid of Microsoft Outlook error code 3253 on your Mac go behind the below steps.

  • Click on the spotlight search glass at the top right corner and type terminal to open the terminal app on your Mac PC.
  • In this terminal app type defaults delete By doing so, all the old outlook preferences will get deleted.
  • Next, type killall cfprefsd in the Terminal to kill all the cached preferences.
  • And at last, Launch Outlook and try to send a mail from your outlook to test if this method worked.

This method will work fine and you will not see the error code 3253 on your outlook while installing outlook update. If you need any kind of assistance while applying above steps, then we recommend you to make a call at Outlook Support Phone Number and make connection with the ingenious professionals. They will surely provide you the simplest ways to eliminate your issues and will help you in eliminating this error code.

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