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Owing to the outstanding capabilities and amazing features, MS Outlook has received a vast crowd of users. The users can easily work within outlook whenever they require, with the freedom to work in both online and offline mode. When outlook is operated in online mode, it creates a PST file. Moreover, in offline mode, an OST file is also created. This OST file is updated only once when outlook is synced with exchange server. At the time of synchronization of OST file to exchange server, several issues may also lead to a few errors. One such error is outlook error 0x80072f06. However, you can easily eliminate this error by making a call at Outlook Support Phone Number or reading the below points. As a technician we recommend you to first follow the stated points in this guide then if you are unable to remove this error, you can put a call on this number and take support from experts.

Have a look at the causes of outlook error 0x80072f06

The Offline address book (OAB) in the outlook need to be synchronized from time to time with Global Address List (GAL). When the proper synchronization fails to take place then error 0x80072f06 is encountered.

It is also observed that, this error is experienced when multiple exchange server environments took place. This is because when the name of the certificate that is used by exchange server doesn’t match with the server name of the URL. When this happens then simply put a call on Outlook Customer Service Phone Number and get connected with ingenious professionals and eliminate this error.

Have a look at the alternate solution for eliminating Outlook error 0x80072f06

You can easily eliminate this nasty error by deleting the existing OAB file and then downloading a new OAB one. When the new OAB file is synchronized with the exchange server, there are fewer chances that the error will reoccur. In addition, you need to see that the name of certificate must match with the server name of the client’s URL. You also need to recover the corrupted data files in the exact form and also have to preserve data integrity after recovering the data.  


Like other software, there are several errors that create hurdle in the working of outlook. The user faces many times outlook error 0x80072f06 while working in outlook. By taking Microsoft Outlook Support, you can easily get rid of this error and continue with the flow of work.

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