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Either you become a writer at loss of words or a writer at short of words, right? In both situations, you become stressed. However, if you are at a loss of words, then there are solutions, like taking help of assignment helpers or brainstorming to gather ideas. But, what if you keep on writing, explaining things in lengthy paragraphs? In this scenario, you will exceed the word limit of whatever document you’re writing. Being a student, you’re mostly assigned with one kind of writing task, i.e., assignment. In case you exceed the word limit prescribed by the professor, then it will cost you your marks. And, like money, marks are also hard-earned. Only students like you can relate to this thing.

Well, coming to the point, we understand that when ideas keep on coming, it becomes hard to organize and use them precisely to complete the whole document in the set word limit. Therefore, we, at Global Assignment Help, have arrived here to give you some assignment writing tips. They will be related to how to keep paragraphs shorter.

Easy Techniques to Keep the Paragraphs Short

Cover One Topic in One Paragraph:

Limit each paragraph or section to only one topic to make it easier for your professor to understand what you’re trying to convey. Each paragraph should start with a topic sentence that captures the essence of everything in the whole paragraph. Do you know why? Because doing this will make the information easy to digest.

Write Short Sections:

Short sections break the material in a way so that it becomes easier to understand. In return, long and dense sentences with no white spaces look unappealing and make it difficult to understand for your professor.

Short sections also give you the opportunity to use attractive sub-headings. Scanning them readers easily understand what has been discussed throughout the paper.

Use Positive Language:

Since our childhood, we all are taught to think and say positively. But why when it comes to writing, we write negatively. This creates another block in the readers’ mind and thus, it becomes even more difficult for them to understand your words.

Avoid Double Negatives:

How many of you are aware of the fact that when you write two negative things in a sentence, they cancel out each other. Your sentence sounds negative, though it is written positively. Examples:

  1.  no fewer than at least
  2.  has not yet attained is under
  3.  may not … until may only … when
  4.  is not … unless is ... only if

Keep the Verb, Subject, and Object Close:

We all know that the natural sentence order is subject-verb-object. This is how you have learned to write sentences. However, when you put modifiers, phrases, connecting verbs, then the length of the overall sentence increases. Even readers find it hard to understand.

Write Short Sentences:

Expressing only one idea in one sentence is the best way to make the paragraphs short. Writing long and complicated sentences hint professors that you’re not sure about what you’re writing. Sentences loaded up with clause, exceptions, etc confuse the audience by forgetting the main point in the forest of words. So, try breaking them into smaller parts that are easier to understand.


While writing an assignment, you must avoid writing long paragraphs because it makes tough for the professors to scan the document and easier for them to deduct your marks. So, next time before you work on your college assignment, prefer using these techniques and write down it in a schematic way. In case any difficulty occurs, remember assignment helper Malaysia are always at your service.

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