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So, you’ve been assigned with an essay writing task related to the future of the plant, life, and humanity. Well, writing about the future is not an easy job. For that, you have to think logically and write about something that is well-grounded in reality. And, yes! The most important fact is, your conclusions must match from the current state. That is why you need to select a very strong topic for your essay of which you have knowledge.

Well, if this sounds challenging to you and need essay help for that, don’t panic...

The experts of Global Assignment Help have mentioned the 5 best topics that indicate the future.

So, have a look at them...

5 Best Essay Topics About the Future

Topic 1: Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Humanity

AI is basically demonstrated outside the human mind. It is said that in the upcoming time, humanity will make significant progress towards creating self-awareness about Artificial intelligence.

So, if you want to write an essay on this topic, then you can start it in the following manner:

Describe the difficulties of scientists working in the area of AI.

Write about all the potential applications of AI.

Add on the review of famous personalities about the danger of super-intelligent AI and potential issues.

Also, highlight the negative impacts of AI on humanity.

Topic 2: Major Health-Care Challenges the Upcoming Generation Will Face

Health care is a quite complex issue. On one hand, innovative treatments & many medicines are discovering, on the other hand, challenges faced in health care are also becoming complex. So, keeping this issue in mind, you can write an interesting essay on health care. While writing, you can include the following things -

  1. Challenges caused by the increased lifespan of human beings.
  2. Issues of superbug like antibiotic-resistant bacteria that will appear more in the future.
  3. Obesity problem faced in developed countries and its future consequences.
  4. Serious health issues and concerns people facing worldwide and their impact on the future.

Topic 3: Importance of Space Exploration for the Future of Mankind

Space exploration is the most important thing everyone of us want to do right now. Space is the final frontier, but it’s an expensive thing to explore. Due to ample of problems on earth, everyone wonders if the space exploration is worth the hassle. So, being the most trending topic, you can use it as a strong tool to attract your professor and fetch A+ grades in your essay.

All you have to do is include the following things:

Mention all the potential benefits of active space exploration in the upcoming time.

Give a review on - What is NASA planning to do for the future?

Write about the space race that got ended with the dissolution of the soviet union and how it is affecting space exploration.

Give your opinion about the success of space exploration in the future.

Topic 4: Advancement in Education in the Future

Education is the most vital part of today’s time and the heart of society. It is crucial part of life students are experiencing right now. Same as you can use your educational experience and draft an essay in it. You can also include the following points in your essay like:

Role of technologies in the advancement of education

Comparison of the current situation and the rise & development of current situation in distant learning.

Mention the globalization of education and the boundaries between individual educational institute and nations.

Universal internet access and how it is changing the educational level.

Topic 5: Crucial Existential Threats to Humanity

No matter how much improvement educational industries has gained, the survival of human survival is getting worse. The crisis we are facing today has a huge impact on the generation that is yet to come. So, this is a great topic to discuss. Why not use it as your essay topic? Well, the following are the points that can help you draft a perfect essay on this issue.

Start your essay by describing the previous instances of humanity like - “The Cuban missile crisis, black death, hunger strike, etc.”

Divide the essay into small sections and dedicate sections to issue like natural causes of human extinction and potential anthropogenic.

Discuss the all severe threats and pick anyone you believe the most significant one.

Highlight different wars affecting the life of a human.

To Sum Up...

So, these are the 5 most trending topics that can help you prepare an essay regarding the future. So, pick any one topic of your interest and use this piece of writing as a guide to prepare an essay on it. Trust me, no other essay help online provider can provide you such amazing topics. So, take advantage of them and submit a grade-worthy essay. In case of any query regarding it, you can reach Global Assignment Help. The experts are always ready to serve you.

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