by on November 6, 2019
World of Warcraft new version will release more details
At the opening ceremony of the Blizzard Conference in 2019, "World of Warcraft: The Land of Shadows" was first introduced to the players. And a wave of discussion among the players. Players will venture into the afterlife of World of Warcraft to connect with the dead soul. However, Blizzard did not release new information at the same time as the announcement of the new expansion. It happened that the players were not expecting it.
At BlizzCon, we sat down with technical director Frank Kowalkowski and senior game designer Paul Kubit. We all asked them two: Why is there no new player level in the Shadowlands? We had an agreement with [The King of Draenor] before, and we decided to pay more energy and time for the character itself and the character model. We created a high-definition character model for Draenor's warlords. Similarly, players are very concerned and offer more character customization options. So for the players to come first, we are working hard to make the game characters more diverse, you can choose the role that represents the real world. ”
In the depth development panel of Shadowlands, World of Warcraft developers reveal a series of new appearance changes in the creation of World of Warcraft characters. In the Shadow Kingdom, players can expand their appearance like humans. They can customize skin tone, hair, eyes and body. If the players feel that the game is too difficult, WOW Classic Power Leveling will be your best helper. With his help, you can quickly upgrade and solve the problem easily.
This customization has also been extended to the fantasy race in World of Warcraft. Kowalkowski continues to explain that trolls and dwarves will have a lot of new options. Their goal is to let players customize the character the way they like, rather than providing outdated and limited character customization like the previous version. For more game services, please visit for more details.
Another member of the game development team also said: This team did not suddenly have a new career like the previous expansion. Another point to add is that when we make choices for roles, teams, and similar things, a lot of information comes from the background and the story. Looking at the scene of "Shadow of the Earth", the rendered picture looks great!
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