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World of Warcraft: All details of Shadowlands 1 World of Warcraft: The shadowlands were announced at the Blizzard Carnival in 2019. As predicted, it will take players to another dimension of death and decay as they try to prevent Sylvanas from using the power of death to destroy Azerbaijan. Russ. The new expansion pack means that World of Warcraft will undergo earth-shaking changes, and the shadowlands will be one of the most revolutionary expansions in recent years. First, the release date of the shadowlands We don't have a specific date yet, but game director Ion Hazzikostas confirmed that it will be released in 2020. Considering that most of the expansions were released in July and August, it is believed that the shadowlands will be released sometime in the summer of 2020. It is now available for booking. Using WOW Classic Power Leveling can help you resist difficulties in the new version and reduce the time and effort you spend in the game. Second, the story of the shadowlands After the time of the hegemony of Azeroth (there will be an important version update), Sylvanas destroyed the crown of the ruler, breaking the barrier of Azeroth and the shadowlands, and the player will face the country of death. . In order to stop Sylvanas, players must venture into the shadowlands and help the various factions there to restore order. As game director Ion Hazzikostas said, the shadowlands should be a well-functioning machine, where the dead souls are judged according to their behavior and sent to different fields. But Sylvanas and her mysterious partner, the jailer, broke the cycle and are now bringing together all the dead souls into an inescapable field, the abyss, with the most fearful and evil monsters. It's unclear what the purpose of Sylvanas is, but it's not a good thing, so players must form alliances and restore balance with the different forces found in the shadowlands. Third, the new area Shadowlands has introduced five new areas. Four of them will be maps that the player traversed in the set order, and a full-scale map called the phalanx. There is also a new main city called Olympus, the city of immortality. Olympus is the first place where all souls arrive when they enter the shadow world. At this crossroads, the dead will be judged from the indifferent arbiter and sent to the final destination. The residents of Olympus exchange news and heart energy - this soul is both power and currency. Below is a quick overview of each area.
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