by on January 13, 2020
A power up Madden 20 coins players Jersey number should switch to the amount he wore with the team chem that is selected.Example, who would like to use an Adrian Peterson that has number 26 on a Vikings theme team lol. And for non subject team guys, maybe you want a specific number for a certain guy. Do not know why this is not a thing and why it'd be that difficult to implement.Bro this is indeed something I have always wanted but I do not think EA enjoys madden as far as we do.I feel as they miss the little details. The accessories, jersey numbers, throwback jerseys, Qb cadences(ie Peyton manning), signature Madden player celebrations and the record goes would make Madden a whole lot more enjoyable.
This would be fine but they actually cannot the reason they do it fifa is because fifa allows ea to alter Madden players uniforms in the ultimate group mode but the nfl does not permit ea to do this is also why you cannot create your own uniforms and stadiums since the nfl just dosent want it because they say that they want it to be a simulation of the nfl and they do not need anything additional this is also why they took out the ambulance, helmets popping off when a big hit occurs, and stating concussion in injury reports all three of these were once in madden however the nfl removed them. So this is not actually eas fault it's just the no fun league.
This has indicated once weekly and it's always accompanied by"it would not be hard to implement". If it was easy, we'd likely already have it (see place changes being added for instance ). It's probably not simple or has consequences on things like load time and in game stability.
I am not saying it is a bad idea, just saying that we should not keep saying things are easy when we suggest them.Just because it isn't simple, does not mean it is not possible..Fifa and NHL ultimate group has it. Why is our team the only one without? The cards may be constructed differently?
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