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As a result the choice to create battlegrounds, a controlled, instanced form of player versus player fights in which no greater than the maximum of 80 players may be present. It's our hope the wow classic gold will go back to its origins and supply a comprehensive World PVP system in the spirit of Classic.
Among the biggest hurdles the Classic server has had to confront is the layering problem. Layers create different versions of the same zones to allow more players to combine the realm and was used in order to attempt to meet the population's requirements. After a few were exploiting this layering system in order to repeatedly farm loot, Blizzard executed a participant ban, but the studio are still working to reestablish the realms and take out the layers so there is only one in each realm to prevent any exploits happening.
It's especially important since the interview shows the next phase will feature world supervisors such as Kazzak, and as Hazzikostas clarified they want there to be one of them gamers can confront:"When Kazzak is upward, we only need one Kazzak. That's kind of a central dynamic of how that must play in the outside world."
In WoW Classic's forums community supervisor Kaivax addressed the layering issue and revealed that Blizzard have locked in 13 realms using a single coating, and players will then be able to see when a kingdom there in has over 1 layer with a message indicating that it is"layered." Blizzard plans decreasing energies to one layer"over time."
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