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A clean, quality and effective product photography plays a pivotal role in every online and offline business. Be it a hard copy of a magazine or online display of products and services, good images can positively and dramatically change the conversion rates. To understand the importance of photography, let understand it with a few trending and unique types of product photography that are also responsible to boost sales.

1. Studio Setups

Most of the time, photographers choose to take shots inside the house or studio. And the most primary reason for doing so is to have total control over everything. The photography tools will be near whenever they need it; change the situation as per the requirement, lighting can be adjusted; models, photographers, or other workers can rest when doing a long strenuous photoshoot. Be it lifestyle photography or another kind of photography, studio setups always give freedom and comfort to get innovative and high-quality photographs while maintaining the turnaround time and being cost-efficient.

In most of the eCommerce photography or lifestyle photography, the photographers create a stable setup that doesn’t change while they move products or models in and out as per the photographing requirement.

When the photoshoot is going on in-house, the photographers don’t require to worry about lightning or the tons of products they are going to click. The in-studio arrangement, one can always set up a storage system where they can stack the products or fine-tune their product to make them look perfect or adjust the light setups, which are quite difficult in an outside location.

2. Lay Down & Mannequin Product Arrangement

• ‘Lay-down’ is a fairly used method for staging apparel and other products. This technique works really well and is a common photography technique in product photography due to the quick setup. In this technique, the camera angle is from above looking down on the product, allowing to position each product individually as desired.

• Mannequins are used by the offline store owners as well to display a 3-dimensional appearance to the buyer. This technique has been well adopted by product photographers as well.

3. Non-Traditional Product Photography

In some product photoshoot cases, there is a requirement for product photos that don’t showcase a product. They lit the stage up with innovative and crafty ideas and stage just like a product photo featuring a product, except giving footage to any specific product in the image. These kinds of product photography do not sell a particular product but rather sells a thought.

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