by on May 13, 2020
What should I do after the hotel polyester printed instant cool sports towel quotation turn yellow? The best way is to use color bleaching detergent, but you need to use hot water (generally above 60 ℃), after washing, throw in water to rinse, the automatic elution machine can use steam to The cold water is heated to reach this temperature. If the yellowing is serious, use a reducing agent to reduce the treatment (temperature is about 60 ℃, bath ratio is 1:20 water), after 5 minutes, just add water normally.
When handing over hotel multicolor sports instant cooling towel free sample to the laundry factory, the hotel should carefully check whether the laundry is clean and whether the washing equipment is advanced, and try to pick those large-scale and advanced technology laundry plants. With the triple guarantee of high-quality equipment, washing technology and professional detergents, hotel towels are more worry-free to wash.
The above is the treatment method for the hotel towels and bath towels that the towel factory shared for everyone today. I hope it will be helpful to everyone!
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