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With the reduction of natural sand and the requirement of the environmental production, the artificial is the main trend in the mining industry. Because of the development of infrastructure projects, the amount of the natural sand is rapidly decreasing. As the result, natural sand has been depleted or neatly depleted. In order to protect the natural landscape and the arable land and maintain the ecological balance, more and more sand mining activities have been banned.
In Germany, the United States, Britain and other industrialized countries, they have about 30 years history that uses the artificial sand as the concrete aggregates. The artificial sand is commonly used material in the construction process. These countries have the complete experience in the exploration process of artificial sand. Our country adopts the artificial sand as an important material in the construction field from the 1960s.
With the increasing investment on the high way, offshore oil, wind powder, hydroelectric, and environmental production, the high-classed artificial sand is facing with the higher demand, while the natural sand has in the short supply condition. The increasing production and reducing cost are the pursuit of the artificial sand user. Shanghai SBM machinery has the deep research on the artificial sand that is used in the construction fields. We have developed a series of crushing machine, construction waste crusher and the sand production line. SBM experts have optimized the performance of the sand production line to ensure the quick develop of the national construction.
With the development of the construction industry, the use amount of artificial sand is larger and larger in the construction market. They also have the higher requirement on the sand quality. As a fact, the qualified sand cannot meet the market demand. The quality and amount of the artificial sand has a significant influence on the construction market. Therefore, the artificial sand is the main supporter in the mining industry and construction market.

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