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At the beginning of 2014 7, Tianjin Coleman Machinery Sales Co. Ltd. successfully will be a Rockster R700S in Zhejiang Province, delivered to the user in use.
It is understood, this Rockster R700S will work on a stone disposal field, in order to improve the work efficiency, the field will be equipped with a Rockster R700S and a shovel excavator. This also marks the official stationed in Rockster R700S Chinese market similar products, accept the challenge.
In order to guarantee the purchase of user security, the effective use of the mobile crusher machine, Tianjin Coleman company entrusted Austria locust headquarters engineer Mr. Hans (Mr JOHANN) for user training system, including the standard operation, maintenance, and operation of demonstration to the construction site. At the same time, Tianjin Coleman company dispatch class customer service manager is responsible for the repair, in the site for users to solve the problems encountered in operation.
Through training and guidance, the customer can use the machine. Through the actual operation, high efficiency and customer service service has been highly praised local user and machine. At the construction site, Tianjin Coleman company has successfully sold R1100 one, the intention of customers have been asking the machine performance, price, and actively advance the details, this event has been paid more attention to.
It is understood, the introduction of the R700S, as a natural mineral resource of local exploitation and construction waste has brought a new concept. A lot of waste in the construction waste after sorting, eliminate or crushed, most can be used as the use of renewable resources, such as: scrap steel, scrap wire, scrap wire and all kinds of scrap parts and other metal material, after sorting, focused, re melted down, can be manufactured into various specifications of steel, stone, concrete, brick; waste crushing, can instead of sand, used in masonry mortar, plastering mortar, concrete cushion and so on, can also be used to make brick, paving brick, brick and other building materials, lattice. This model realizes the recycling of construction waste, harmless, reduction of economic benefit, social benefit and ecological benefit. The use of renewable raw materials processing and production, will be the government's tax support, there is considerable economic benefits, saving landfill costs and a large number of landfill sites, reduce the pollution of the environment, and reduce the exploitation of natural stone and sand, protect the natural resources and the environment for human survival, in line with the strategy of sustainable development, which also allow the industry to see the great the social economic benefit and ecological environment benefit.
According to reports, Tianjin Coleman company sales for all kinds of mobile crusher is convenient and flexible, strong maneuverability, can save a lot of infrastructure and relocation costs; can carry on to the material field is broken, and with the raw material mining face advancing to move, thereby greatly reducing the material transport costs. Rockster mobile crusher since its launch, has been widely used around the world in stone production, mining, construction waste, cement production, High-speed Rail and highway's aggregate production crushing and screening field. Locust after sale service center will also provide timely repair, maintenance and other aspects of the service for the user. I believe that with the development of Chinese crushing and screening industry and environmental protection, Rockater will be accepted by more people in the industry.

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