Thursday, September 5, 2019 3:55 pm - Wednesday, October 9, 2019 6:55 pm
new york, new york, new york 10001, United States
All the enthusiastic Travelers who love exploring different cities and countries every time make sure you participate in this contest via Copa Airlines Reservations. Copa Airlines Reservations is announcing a big contest which is a golden chance or you. Through this contest you can earn miles up to 50,000 through which you can travel with Copa Airlines flying partners, Access to Copa Club & Star Alliance lounges and many more. • This contest is organized by Copa Airlines Reservations. • Entry is open to all ConnectMiles passengers and Copa Regular Travelers. • Entry is open to existing ConnectMiles members and new ConnectMiles members who have enrolled during the promotion period. Existing ConnectMiles members do enter automatically. • Each ConnectMiles passenger will be entitled to one chance of winning, regardless of the number of transactions made and amount spent. • One winner will be selected for the prize of 50,000 ConnectMiles. The golden opportunity is calling you. So don’t wait to lose this amazing contest and enroll now for this contest through Copa Airlines Reservations. Make sure you get all the excellent services through Copa Airlines. If you win, Travel with excitement. Wish for your good luck and win. IMPORTANT NOTICE: Copa Airlines Reservations is a private organization. All activities and events created to on this web site and in the official website of Copa Airlines Reservations are accessible to active or regular members. This website is for important informational reasons with proprietary information intended for members only. All the information is available through Copa Airlines Reservations.
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