The new Iscorecast is awesome. It has all the features that viewers want to see and is a huge upgrade over the classic scorecast. However, I have had a couple issues with the new system when trying to operate it with a windows system. When I go to the iscorecast website on my windows computer it sometimes just shows the background (a baseball field) with no login information. I have to refresh or close the window and open a new one several times for the login box to appear. I have not been able to watch any of our scorecasts because I am on the field but have been told by multiple people when using a windows system that it has been freezing up during the game. One person told me that when they use their ipad it works flawlessly, but it doesn't work or freezes up on their windows laptop. I have had similar issues when accessing my.iscorecentral.com in the new format. Usually I just revert to the classic to get what I need done in thereAm I the only one experiencing this?


Please help.

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