Compared to the S8, the Note 8 also brings you the added advantage of the latest version of Samsung's user interface. Although this may change our view, the Note 8 may continue to receive preferential treatment because it is related to Samsung's reputation. This will also give the company the opportunity to show their commitment to loyal fans. The only thing that was a little disappointing was battery life. We would normally expect a high-end phone to last at least a full day, but this is difficult to achieve here. Don't forget the game. Apple's iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X are coming soon. The price will be more expensive, but there will be fans. Then we have Google Pixel XL 2, which should be released on October 4th, and LG may launch V30 before the holiday peak. All these releases in the coming months may have a positive effect on the pricing of the Note 8. Maybe it's a good idea to wait a while. Method to recover samsung note 8 photos: Method torecover samsung note 8 photos Here we are proud to tell you that the answer is yes and we will show you an answer. Android Data Recovery is a professional recovery tool designed for Android devices to recover lost data. Of course there are Samsung phones. In addition, samsung galaxy note 8/note 5/note 9/note 10 is even supported by root phones. More info: Recover contacts from samsung note 8
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