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Even though it may have been someone other than a parent, a parent can be charged in the event a minor within the family has downloaded any illegal material, whether documentation, software or otherwise. Of course, such parents are always welcome to hire an attorney to try and avoid such penalty but the best plan is to simply make anyone using such devices aware of the legality and illegality of such downloads. Of course, anyone working with troubled teens can understand how difficult it can be to keep such individuals away from other trouble-makers. However, unless such individual has a communication device, it is often impossible to monitor the whereabouts at any given time. As such, many parents now provide even the toughest of teens with such phones in hopes of tracking such individual in hopes of preventing a future spent in and out of prison. Although, as with other similar software, the individual being tracked must also be carrying a cell phone or other portable device with the receiver with which such software connects. As such, when purchasing smart phones for children or parents, it is always best to purchase one which can accommodate such software. For, while most models can handle the size and scope of such software, there are also models which are not equipped to do so. Still, even with such receiver, unless such software can track SMS messaging, voice and text along with a GPS locator, such may not work as intended. In fact, it is often best to buy the smart phone and software at the same time to assure such is compatible. For, with so many different smart phone and software developers, there is a high likelihood that unless bought together such may be incompatible with the smart phone technology whether now, or, in the future. To this end, when needing to track family members, whether children or elderly, it is easy to do so with mobile spy and other such tracking software. However, when purchasing such software for a smart phone or other portable device, it is important to assure that the software and other technologies are compatible. Otherwise, one may only spend a great deal of money on track software which may not work, or, at the very least, may not work as intended.